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Stop with the quotes

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For several past years, you can’t turn around with noticing the catchy quote, humorous phrases and colorful word art in offices, schools, libraries and even in some houses. I have been wondering how much longer this trend will last and what new art direction we will see once the quotes and word art have been put to rest. During a recent visit with friends to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (“The City of Brotherly Love”), I was pleasantly surprised to notice a new trend taking place in both of these cities. As we toured these cities on foot, on bike, in public transport or using Uber, we were amazed to see art inspired walls. After watching this amazing work on just a few walls, I predict that this trend will soon increase on a large scale, from the exterior of the buildings to the interior of the buildings. A short time after my travels to Philadelphia and Rio, I got confirmation of my prediction in my own city. One day, I went to my local gym for my exercise boot camp and my son wanted to tag along to the gym. We were both amazed to see the newly painted art inspired wall in the children’s lounge. I could sense the excitement from my son and other children who were witnessing this artistic expression in their area of the gym. This new trend generates a vital and positive change for any community and it also provides new opportunities for artists to create new designs on a large scale and draw in more and more people to see the world around them as an art form that they might not have experienced before.