New Services

Reset for the New Normal

Is your office at risk for spreading viruses?

Are students in your dining hall in close proximity of each other which can spread airborne contaminates?

Do you need a safe solution to test students and staff for high fevers?

Maraye Design Studio is now offering new solutions to help administrators, students, teachers, faculty and staff feel more comfortable when heading back to school, campus and work.

As part of “Reset for the New Normal” we have selected products to ease the worry of students and staff as they return to safe and healthy working, learning and living environments.

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Procurement and installation of the following products:
Protective Shields
5eda96747591040763d73980_Adjoin Freestanding Desktop image 2

Takeform Acrylic Adjoin Freestanding Tabletop

5ed9a24b3abfcd46f9cf317c_KWL_1232_edit copy

Takeform Adjoin Freestanding Partition


Zori Freestanding Screens

Jonti Craft

Jonti-Craft See-Through Table Divider


Artopex Protective Screens

Fluid Concepts

fluidconcepts Personal Protection Products

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Benchmark Arc Sanitizing Dispenser Stand

takeform mask holder

Takeform Mask and Tissue Holder with Sanitizer Dispenser

takeform wipe holder

Takeform Disinfectant Wipe Holder

Floor Decals
Takeform floor

Takeform Floor Decals

Temperature Scanner
ivideo temperature scanner

iVideo Temperature Scanning

Social Distancing Straps
sandler social strap.png

Sandler Social Distancing Straps

Social Distancing Chair Covers
Red Iron Brank Chair Back Covers

Red Iron Chair Back Covers

Hands-Free PPE Receptacles

Max=R Hands-Free PPE Receptacles

Air Filtration System

Molekule Air Filtration Systems

UV Sanitizer
Casetify UV Sanitizer

Casefity UV Sanitizer

Hook Door Opener
Ridge Hook Door Opener

Ridge Hook Door Opener

Space management strategy planning
Updating surfaces and furnishings to be more friendly for sanitizing