Retaining memories of my grandfather

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Every person has someone special in life, and for me this special person and role model was my grandfather. In fact he wasn’t my biological relative but I have always felt deeply loved and cared for by him. I remember as a young girl, every day before school he would come to see me. It’s such a sweet memory in my life. I opted for interior design as my profession after completing my education at college, so I moved to Columbus, Ohio, for my career. I came to know, a few years later, about my grandfather being diagnosed with dementia. It was a difficult time for me, watching him in a situation like this. I often went back to my family house in Akron to see him. I still remember him sitting in his comfortable green Victorian chair. I went there to spend time with him, to sit with him and to talk to him. The past memories of him coming to see me in my childhood echoed in my mind. The health complications increased in coming years and my grandfather passed away. I lost my special person and it was a painful experience. He was no more in this world and I took his green chairs to my house as a symbol of his love and presence. With the passage of time, I chose to reupholster the green chairs so they would fit better with the decor of my home. As a professional designer, I am often creating projects with the memories of loved ones in mind. When I look back to my career with Maraye Design Studio, I feel like each one of my projects has been a memorable experience in my customer’s minds. This is the main objective at Maraye Design Studio: to create memorable relations and experiences with customers.

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